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By the initiative of the Service Agency of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia Electronic Auction System was created together with Analytical Service and from March, 2010 the realization of Movable Property converted to the State Ownership in accordance to the mentioned form. Public auctions and concerning problems were left in the past. As a result of simplified regime the bureaucratic procedures went down to minimum.

Implemented reforms turned up quite profitable and the population quickly got familiar with a new and simple system.
Since 2011 all governmental units joined the portal and the property disposition procedure took its start on the Service Agency web-page, became a universal portal which integrated all types state property realization/privatization in one space.

Web-page became much popular in a shortest time, after the public structures the individuals and legal entities joined the portal and started buying and selling of immovable and movable property through

Today, everybody can buy immovable or movable property that is under the state or private ownership without leaving the home or office in a comfortable environmental condition. is a flexible system for auction and everybody can become the user.

Join and participate in electronic auction form any part of the World!