The Minister of Finance Ivane Matchavariani met with the Vice-President of the European Investment Bank

The Minister of Finance Ivane Matchavariani and Vice-President of the European Investment Bank Vazil Hudak discussed the issues of successful cooperation between Georgia and European Investment Bank (EIB) at the meeting held at the Ministry of Finance.

The Minister of Finance has highly appreciated the firm support of the European Investment Bank, which has been working for more than 10 years in the direction of business development of the public and private sectors, including innovative business development in the country.

As of today, the size of investment projects financed by the Bank in the public sector is around € 1,33 billion. EIB has allocated € 215.8 million in private sector.

At the meeting, the sides discussed the ongoing projects supported by the European Investment Bank in such areas as: Road and Water Infrastructure, Power Engineering, Transport Communication. It should be noted that the European Investment Bank plans to allocate additionally € 250 million in Georgia to support road construction.

As the Minister of finance stated, it is also important for the government to implement a reform of the provision of access to capital for small and medium businesses and EIB's support and experience sharing in this regard.

In his turn, the Vice President of the European Investment Bank reaffirmed the bank's readiness to continue to support the ongoing reforms in the country aimed at facilitating rapid economic growth, creating job opportunities and improving the living standards of the population.

At the end of the meeting, the sides agreed to activate mutual cooperation.


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