Ivane Matchavariani: Freedom has always been the value that determines our history

“Freedom has always been the value that determines our history”, - has stated in his speech Minister of Finance, Ivane Matchavariani at the ceremonial event dedicated to the Independence Day of Georgia, in Stepantsminda, at "Kazbegi" customs checkpoint.

He has congratulated the invited guests, each citizen of the country, representatives of international partner organizations and compatriots residing abroad for the national holiday and thanked them for attending the ceremonial event.

“Today, we all together are celebrating the main national holiday of the Georgian state - Independence Day. I sincerely congratulate you on this day. Congratulations to our compatriots in Georgia or abroad; I greet and congratulate our Ossetian and Abkhazian compatriots, all those who live on this earth.

I welcome our foreign friends, first of all our today's guests. The constant support of friendly and partner countries is very valuable for us. On this day we gratefully remember our ancestors, who handed the love of freedom from generation to generation; I pay tribute to those who sacrificed their lives for the homeland. It is a great honor for me and every employee of the ministry, that we meet 26th of May here with you and we are hosting you on behalf of the Georgian state" – has noted the Minister of Finance.

In his speech, he spoke about the European aspirations of Georgia and noted that with the restoration of independence, the country finally had the opportunity to continue the historical path associated with returning to the European family.

"The idea of freedom had inspired the greatest figures of Georgian culture, including the praiseworthy son of this land, great Alexander Kazbegi, for whom “the freedom is the highest award.” A quarter of a century ago, after being liberated from the Soviet Union, we again and finally got the chance to continue this historical path in order to become a free country of free people, to provide a suitable place for our history and culture in the free European Union. We are pleased to share with you the knowledge about history and culture via presented projects. Let me thank the participants and organizers of these projects. Thank you to everyone for attending the event; Once again, congratulations to you and I wish to all of you peace, and constant progress at our homeland.

The ceremonial event dedicated to the Independence Day of Georgia is currently underway on the territory of the Kazbegi customs checkpoint.

All the state structures are involved in the events of 26th of May and the administration of the Government of Georgia coordinates them.

26th of May - Independence Day of Georgia unites all the citizens of our country. That is why the slogan of this day is "This Is Our Day".

In 2019, the Independence Day is dedicated to sharing of knowledge and its importance. Knowledge - as a driving force, as a path that leads to freedom.


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