Ivane Matchavariani: Asian Development Bank expressed readiness to fully fund the construction of Rikoti section

Asian Development Bank expressed readiness to fully fund the construction of Rikoti’s remained section, on which works are going to be started this year – it was noted while meeting, held between the Minister of Finance of Georgia, Ivane Matchavariani and the Vice–President of Asian Development Bank, Shixin Chen.

During the negotiations held within the Annual Meeting of the Asian Development Bank, the Parties discussed the flow of Bank's supported investment projects, as well the focus was made on the importance of the construction of Rikoti and Kvemo Kobi sections.

The Asian Development Bank, once more expressed readiness, to become the partner in the process of education field reform, to help us implement new programs that are supportive to economic reforms, which will contribute to the economic growth of the country, "said the Minister of Finance.

The conversation also touched upon the possibility of organizing an Annual Meeting of the Bank in Georgia. It has been said that the country has already made an official statement to host in 2021 or 2022 such a large event.

The sides positively evaluated this perspective and noted that Georgia, the economy of which has been steadily developing in recent years, has every opportunity to share its experience with many Asian countries which are the members of ADB.


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