We are informing the owners of the object registered in the Revenue service Intellectual Property registry or their representatives that the Revenue Service customs administration I integrated in the interface public members (IPM – Initiation of the World Customs Organization).

IPM consists of “real/false (contra factional) goods database” that enable the authorized people to represent their production real data to the officers of economic borders as well as the information which enable them to distinguish “real” and “false” production.

IPM doesn’t change administration procedures, that are considered during the filling in the application though it represents additional information that gives opportunity to the officers of economical borders to proceed the further procedures pursuant to the legislation.

If you have a wish to introduce your production in IPM database Please apply to the Revenue Service Economical Border Security Department for detailed information. Tel: (+995)32 261169 ; e-mail: t.japaridze@rs.ge


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