Budget planning and management, including preparing and fulfilment of annual Mid-Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) at the country common, central and local level;

Introduction of program and capital budgeting at times; development and introduction of formats for concerning reports and methodology;

Preparing Basic Data and Directions ( BDD) documentation that ensures the communication between national/regional strategies and priorities from the one side and between Spending Legal Entities strategies/priorities from the other side within the mid-term macro economic frameworks;

Further perfection of legal framework concerning the budget in order to bring into accordance with the best practice and other reforms concerning the public finances in Georgia;

Development/improvement of the Electronic Budgetary System in the context of planning, fulfilment and accounts of the budget;

Produce the most recent database for Legal Entity of Public Law (LEPL) through envisaging requirements of LEPL budgeting and accounts;

Fulfilment of common accounts format by local governmental bodies, LEPLs and other legal entities, improvement of delivered information quality (within the budget annual report and future plans context).

  • Budgetary Division of Territorial Units
  • Budgetary Policy Division
  • Public and Common Budget Formation Division