Ensuring transparency and democratization of the activities of the Ministry;

Ensuring coordinated work of Public Relations Services of State subordinated institutions,
which are in the field of administration of the Ministry;

Explaining the role and the importance of the Ministry in the process of state policy,
its priorities and economic reforms through mass media;

Preparing official messages, applications and other information related to the processes
ongoing at the Ministry and their delivery to mass media;

Informing mass media about the organized events and decisions taken by the Ministry;

Producing protocol;

Cooperating with international organizations and experts within competence;

Organizational provision of citizen acceptance within the competence;

Coordination of international and mutual foreign relations, organization and coordination
of Minister's speeches and meetings;

Coordinating activities of the Ministry's structural subdivisions existing in Minister’s
curator's sphere;

Organizing the session of advisory board of the minister and conferences held at
the Ministry in accordance with the established rule;

Processing the correspondence received in the name of the Minister, including recording
and processing correspondence, submitted without the registration number of
the relevant structural subdivision of the Ministry, preparing resolutions projects of the Minister;

Organizing the proceedings in the Central Apparatus of the Ministry;

Organizing archival activities;

  • Public Relations Division
  • Protocol and bilateral relations division
  • The Case Management Division