Promotion of an investment friendly environment for foreign and private investments and creation of a stable, sustainable and attractive tax environment. Enhancement and simppfication of tax legislation. Harmonization of Georgian tax law with the best international tax practices and approximation with EU directives in the sphere of indirect taxation.

Formulation of priority directions of customs popcy. Elaboration of proposals to ensure harmonization of existing regulations with EU legislation and World Trade Organization (WTO) requirements.

Drafting the Agreements for the avoidance of double taxation and the prevention of fiscal evasion, conducting negotiations, coordinating activities for the conclusion of the agreements and other functions foreseen by national law; coordination of the drafting and conclusion of other international agreements to be completed in the field of taxation, as well as other activities foreseen by national law.

In-depth the cooperation with the international organizations in customs and tax fields.

The constant search and the right choice of the tax and customs levers in order to stimulate the economy; Testing and modelpng changes made in tax legislation; The economic analysis of the direct and indirect results of tax reform.

  • Division of Tax and Customs Modelling
  • Division of Tax Policy Design
  • Division of Customs Policy Design
  • International Taxation Division