Preparation of macroeconomic forecasts and calculation of main indicators of economic development;

Projection of fiscal policy and related decisions corresponding to economic objectives;

Detailed analysis of fiscal initiatives;

Analysis of macroeconomic consequences of the social-economic decisions;

Support by macroeconomic forecasting the economic development strategy and the medium term projections;

Preparation of the analysis of macroeconomic scenarios based on the current assessment of macroeconomic risks;

Preparation of the next year budget revenue forecasts and projections;

Preparation of the medium term budget revenue forecasts;

Monthly and daily budget revenue monitoring and reporting;

Compilation and dissemination of the Government Finance Statistics data according to country methodology and recommendations of IMF and other international organizations;

Review of the presented proposals on the distribution of the dividends of public corporations

Department of Macroeconomic Analysis and Fiscal Policy Projection
  • Division of Macroeconomic Analysis
  • Division of Fiscal Forecasting